Consider These Before Buying a New Property

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Finally! You have got a house that has everything you could ever dream of. But, wait! Before you seal the deal, it's intelligent to consider a few more things besides the look, feel and price of the property.

As you set out to buy a new property, you will often encounter a dilemma between emotions and reality. What will you choose? Well, if you are an intelligent buyer, keeping emotions aside is the best thing you must do. Of late, there are several factors that may bring about a big difference in your perspective towards buying a property.

Let's take a look at some of essential pointers that you must consider before you give a green signal to any real estate deal.

1. Talk To Neighbors: Yes! Neighbors know it the best. They would reveal such information about the property that no realtor would even know of. You never know, you might hit a jackpot and get to know something valuable about the property. Secondly, talking to neighbors helps you in understanding the locality and neighborhood. This factor can prove highly decisive, especially when you are too choosy about the place you wish to live in. Several high-end projects like Microtek Green Burg in Gurgaon, are located in posh neighborhood,wherein you would get all the luxury and facilities you could dream of.


2. Pay a Visit At Various Times of Day: The large windows that let in ample of sunlight during day time, might be a peeping Tom's dream during the night hours. The nearby road that sounds quite during the evening, might be bustling with noise during the wee hours of morning or late afternoon. The adjacent school might seem an added advantage and easily accessible during the evening, but might be hard to reach during heavy traffic hours. It is always better to visit your chosen property at every possible hour of the day. This will help you judge it better. If you are buying professionally built properties like Microtek Sec-86 Gurgaon, you are likely to get only the best throughout the day.

3. Question the Seller: Quizzing the seller about the property is one of the best ways to dig upon all the information that you are seeking. After all, only a seller knows his piece of realty best. You might want to know ample of things about your shortlisted realty. What problems has the property encountered in past? An issue of seeping walls during the rains might have been discovered and later fixed. But if you have an idea about the seepage issue, you can be well prepared in advance so that you can face the problem without any hassles if it occurs again in the near future. It is better to clarify such issues from the seller in advance so that you need not face any predicaments later.


Buying a new property might be a Herculean task, but if you are mindful about the aforementioned considerations, the task is simplified to a great extent.



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Consider These Before Buying a New Property

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This article was published on 2013/03/11