Don't Swim in the Ocean Before You Have Learned to Swim

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"Don't wait to buy real estate. Buy real estate and wait."
The jack-of-all-trades seldom is good at any. Concentrate all of your efforts on one definite chief aim. - Napoleon Hill

Hi there,

Dave Dorian here.

I wish to welcome you to this opportunity to become the next property millionaire by introducing you to the property investing strategies that my family, my son and I have used along the way to help create our own property portfolios while becoming property millionaires.

My own journey from 'flat broke to Property Millionaire' was a very enjoyable experience, being diagnosed as broke when I was 56 wasn't that good, but 18 months later when I realised we were cured was a wonderful feeling, and something to be truly celebrated.

What I learned over the years is that property investing is very simple, if you can keep it simple, but just like the story of Adam and Eve there is the temptation of the poison apple waiting for the unsuspecting traveller, and being one myself at the time I know first hand this is the case. I am a curious type (like most people of course) and I couldn't resist my fair share of the many tempting offerings along the way.

We trialled a variety of nothing down techniques that helped us create our portfolio when we were broke, and most of them I got from reading Robert Allen's books 'Creating Wealth' and 'Nothing Down for the 90's' both of which were so helpful for me when I started out and are still my first choice to this day.

I have read just about every book on property investing and although they all have tit-bits of brilliant information I can honestly say that I am yet to find any as useful as these two.

For those starting out it is a MUST to know that property investing is the most brilliant way for the average person to create wealth, especially in Australia and more so in Sydney Australia than just about anywhere else there is. The reasons for this are many and include amongst other things that Sydney is land locked, is a fantastic City, under populated, has a wonderful climate, plenty of work, and has both strong organic population growth and migration population growth.

The negative side is that property investing, like every other money making business or investment, is governed by market forces and because of this seldom performs exactly as we plan, so let's just say, "it's always best to be forewarned" and to prepare accordingly.

After you've been in the industry for a while you will come to realise, "there are those people who know and those who sound like they know, but simply don't have a clue." This dilemma for all of us is to work out who is who, and because it can be a very costly experience when things go wrong, you should try to avoid getting advice from those who do not know or those who do know, but don't want you to know. That means it's up to you to get an understanding of who to trust for information and who not to trust.

I want to tell you that buying property using none of your own money is very gratifying, and once you get the hang of it you will get to realise this too. I think it might well have been 'the thrill of the hunt' at first, but the reality is that the numbers really work like a charm.

I also want to share with you a big secret about being a successful property investor so that if you are ready to take the leap of faith and get started you will survive and prosper, always with a smile on your face.

This is the secret; the only thing that is stopping most people from becoming property millionaires is the grey matter between the ears. Most people either think it can't be done and therefore they give up too easily, while many others get too adventurous and get caught out too easily.

So the first secret to becoming a property millionaire is really this; there are no secrets at all if you follow a few basic rules.

Keep everything as basic and as simple as possible. Find one plan and stick to it and try not to get out of first gear until after you become a millionaire. Don't swim in the ocean before you have learned to swim properly in the pool, and only jump into the ocean when you know what you are doing, have researched the dangers that lie ahead, and have a pretty good life jacket in tow.

To be a success you would;

• learn the ropes from someone who has already done it
• mix regularly with like-minded people
• stick to your day job while you hire a property coach to guide you (me of course)
• always remember to keep everything as uncomplicated as possible

I'd like to leave you with a positive thought;
'Careers, like rockets, don't always take off on schedule. The key is to keep working the engines.'

- Gary Sinise

Dave Dorian
Helping everyday people become millionaires

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Dave Dorian is the founder of The Follow Me Chat Club, The Apprentice Millionaire and The Next Property Millionaire Program for Property Investors, a group of like-minded people who meet together each week and discuss basic investing strategies and share success stories.

Dave was broke at 57 and became a millionaire by 60 years of age, turning his life around by buying investment properties. He has a property investment portfolio in excess of $27 million. Dave now shares his knowledge in the Next Property Millionaire Coaching and Mentoring program. Knowing the problems that existed in property investing is the motivation behind him running his educational programs, writing his book and the basis of what he deals with in 'The Next Property Millionaire program.'

For more information and to download Dave's information in e-books go to The Next Property Millionaire website

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Don't Swim in the Ocean Before You Have Learned to Swim

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This article was published on 2010/04/14