How to Market Your Rental Property

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A number of people wish to rent out their property. A vacant property could quickly turn into a financial drain and may cause serious problems. Effective advertising is a solution to such a scenario that can help in filling up the vacant units.

Numerous ways are there to market your rental property. The factors that should be considered while choosing a method to advertise your property are the si[e of the rental property and whether you want to pay for advertising it. If it is just a room or part of the house, you might not want to pay for advertising. However, for a larger unit advertising becomes necessary. There are convenient methods that could help you generate lots of potential attention for your rental property.

Paid Advertising

When going for paid advertisement the main task is to work on the advertising plan that will maximise the return of advertising investment as well as bring about potential renters. First, you need to specify where your property is located. If it is located in a nearby street, you should advertise in the local newspaper or buy advertising space on web sites featuring local business information.

Do mention what makes your rental property stand out than the rest like a pool or a great view. Even if your property is not unique, you can find a feature that would appeal to the renters and provide them with convenience such as a good neighborhood, a nearby shopping mall or a public transportation space.

You need to understand your local market and then could offer competitive rates to beat the competition. You could also differentiate from the leasing process that is adapted in your area. For example if the property owners in your area offer a year or longer leases, you could offer month-to-month lease, as many renters do not prefer signing a long-term contract.

Use the word of mouth. Ask your satisfied tenants to share good information about your property and in return, you could offer them finders fee for their referrals. You could also utilise 'For Rent' signs.

Non-Paid Advertising

First, you need to socialise to attain this goal. You can let your family, friends and co-workers know about the property you wish to put on rent. They can refer a potential customer to you. You will be surprised by how much attention you get from this source. Furthermore, you can post flyers of your rental property on bulletin boards. You can also post these fliers at your or a friends workplace. You can also register with your Local High Commission website and get your property enlister. They would not charge you anything. You can also post free ads at websites that allow doing so.

The most convenient way is to put a 'For Rent' sign outside you rental property. You can also put the number of bedrooms and bathrooms available along with your contact number. By giving these small details, only those people will call you who are quite interested and you would save yourself the headache of providing everybody with details.

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How to Market Your Rental Property

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This article was published on 2010/03/30