How to Sell Property in India

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It is amazing to see the way Indian realty market has progressed in such a short span of time with the number of buying and selling transactions going higher every quarter.


Property agents can prove really helpful in buying, selling or renting properties in India. But sometimes, people wish to cut costs that come along with the valuable services of realty dealers. It certainly becomes difficult to sell a property in India without any professional help as the market is highly competitive today. But, if you still choose to sell property devoid of outside aide, you need to follow some important steps. Let us take a detailed look at the preparations you need to make before looking for a buyer of your dearly held property.


-Take a closer look at your property

Yes, you surely know your home too well since you have lived there for years but this time look at it as a stranger or an outsider would. Ask yourself if you would like to spend your hard earned money on such a property and answer the question honestly. This means that you must get all the repair work done that the house needs because every property asks for one or the other kind of maintenance. The more it can attract the potential buyer, obviously the better for you as it may even elevate the value of your long cherished home.


-Make your home appealing

Adding appeal to your house is extremely important but this doesn't mean that you have to give it a makeover. Just work on the areas that hold significance in terms of their influence on the decision of buyers. A home must give a good first impression and draw the watcher towards it as there would hardly be any second chance. Get rid of all objects occupying space unnecessarily and make it look both more spacious and attractive. The free space would give buyer the scope to visualize his settings making him take more interest in your property than when it is cluttered.  


-Be ready for the change

After converting your home into a lucrative property, it is time to prepare yourself and your mind. Be ready for the imminent stress in form of upcoming demands like that of learning the current realty trends, the buyer-seller market, the negotiation terms, the responsibility as a seller, the expectation of buyers, etc. Make sure that you do your homework well and undertake befitting research to explore the prevalent property market in the country. Keep yourself open to bargaining even when lower prices are quoted as you can then work accordingly. For instance, you can try this- low costs but due repair work, higher rates with great interiors.


-Market your home well

The visibility of your property to right kind of potential buyers is also instrumental in fetching its real value. Internet has today become an indispensable source of marketing be it anything from a pen to a soap to real estate. Use this advantage for your benefit by advertising online in appropriate places via property portals and other popular mediums. Post pictures or create a slideshow displaying different corners of your home and it goes without saying- highlight the most alluring areas. A well advertised home has higher chances of getting good prices and of getting noticed quickly than otherwise.


After all, you need to do all the work of a realty agent yourself if you wish to sell property without hiring services from outside. Real estate in India is witnessing a boom, try your best to make it work in your favor even when selling your property.

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How to Sell Property in India

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This article was published on 2010/10/11