What to Look For When You View a Property?

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When properties are put to sale, all the necessities for alluring a customer are put in place as well. From great picture to appealing description, everything is carefully formulated. That is what makes the inspection of the property more important and compulsory.

Besides the basic research about the property and neighborhood, you should also make several other arrangements while going to view your property. Always take along a friend while going to such an expedition. This way you can have a second perspective and your friends can spot the flaws you miss out.

It is a good idea to view the property in daylight as the nighttime can hide many potential flaws and problems. Even if you really like the property the first time you visit it, try to view it at other different timings of the day. Never be afraid to ask direct and blunt questions to the landlord and the seller, after all you are spending a huge chunk of money on that item. Take your time while viewing the property and try not to view too many properties in one day.

You should keep in mind to match the property with the lifestyle you possess. There are several factors, which will matter a lot when you move and settle down. If you have a car, look for a car parking and gather knowledge on the car parking charges. If you do not have a car, look for the public transport available for that area. There should be departmental stores nearby to your living space. Always consider such small things while choosing your property.

If there are many pubs, restaurants or nearby main road, the place will be noisy at times. Try to talk to people living in the neighboring properties; friendly neighbors are always bliss. The house should also get enough sunlight. The age and maintenance of the property also matters. Check for the standards of local schools and the development plans the locality holds for its future. Another compulsory factor to check for is the crime level of the area.

Other exterior things to look for in a property are roof, gutters, walls, windows, and gardens. These facilities should be in good condition. Also, gain knowledge on what the shared areas will be, as this can cause terrible hassle amongst the neighbours.

Interior factors to look for are layout, storage space, and décor. Check the layout dimension according to your furniture. Check for how much of your furniture you would have to leave behind in case you buy or rent this property. The storage space should be enough in order to store all of your belongings. When renting a property it is a good idea to ask the landlord beforehand about the décor, as most would not allow it. You should also check the conditions of the water, electrical and heating services.

Certain signs should be an alarm while viewing the house like smells, signs of damp, cracks in plasterwork on walls and ceilings, creaky floor and paper-thin walls. Also, don't forget to check the attic as well.

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What to Look For When You View a Property?

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This article was published on 2010/03/27